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The Boeing Company


The Boeing Company is a contractor of the Strategic Airlift Capability that contributes to the initiative not only as the manufacturer of the C-17 Globemaster III but also as the provider of maintenance, engineering, and spares support.

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SAC and Boeing


The Boeing Company Provides the Strategic Airlift Capability with a wide range of C-17 technical support both at Pápa Air Base and off-station. Photo: HAW / Ville Tuokko

In the first ever contracted Organizational and Field Level support of the C-17, the Boeing Pápa Field Operations team is responsible for the launch, recovery, servicing, repair, and inspection of the SAC C-17 jets on a daily basis including periodic Home Station Checks.

Additionally Boeing provides SAC with back-shop support in the form of wheel and tire tear down and build up, aircraft battery maintenance, structural repair, alternate mission equipment, and limited avionics repair at Pápa Air Base. Maintenance recovery teams are poised to provide immediate maintenance support off station as needed. The team also manages and maintains approximately 650 pieces of support equipment.

Similar to other C-17 bases under the Globemaster III Integrated Sustainment Program (GISP), the Boeing Pápa Spares Team manages an inventory of approximately 4,900 supply items in support of the SAC fleet in addition to Virtual Fleet reach-back capability. Field Engineering and Technical support provides real-time engineering support as needed, both at home station and worldwide. Logistics Data Managers, Quality, Safety, IT, and Office Administrator round out the staff of Expatriate and Local Hire employees.

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