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11/28/2016 12:00 AM
Strategic Airlift Capability Opens New C-17 Hangar Complex at Pápa Air Base
17 NOVEMBER 2016 – PÁPA - - Earlier this year, the personnel of the 12-nation Heavy Airlift Wing (HAW), the NATO Airlift Management Program Office (NAM PO) and Boeing moved into a new custom-designed C-17 hangar complex at Pápa Air Base. On 17 November they hosted the Grand Opening ceremony.

NAM PO Program Manager, Mr. Wiek Noldus, and HAW Commander, Colonel Trevor W. Nitz, cuts the ribbon Photo: HAW / Henrik Gebhardt

​Since the establishment of the Strategic Airlift Capability (SAC) program in 2008, the SAC has initiated multiple construction projects that have contributed to successful and efficient mission execution. The 12 member nations of the SAC share the investment costs based on the level of their contribution to the program.

HAW Commander, Colonel Trevor W. Nitz, address invited guests and SAC personnel. Photo: HAW / Henrik Gebhardt

In 2013, the member nations approved the SAC Infrastructure Development Project, which provides permanent infrastructure for the entire lifespan of the program. As the 12 nations have committed themselves to the SAC program for a minimum of 30 years, long-term investments are necessary.

NAM PO Program Manager, Mr. Wiek Noldus, address invited guests and SAC personnel. Photo: HAW / Henrik Gebhardt

Earlier this year, Functions of the SAC program relocated to new office, and warehouse/maintenance facilities at Pápa Air Base. This relocation into new permanent facilities is yet another significant milestone for the 12 member nations of the SAC, preparing the program for the future. Housing all the organizations in one complex increases efficiency and improves cooperation. The new hangar complex also incorporates environmental features such as, grey water use, heat pumps and LED lighting. The modern technological solutions at the new facilities help to reduce maintenance costs and enhance aircraft availability for the SAC member nations.


About the Strategic Airlift Capability

Strategic Airlift Capability (SAC), established in 2008, is a multinational program that provides its 12 member nations with assured access to military airlift capability by owning and operating three Boeing C-17A Globemaster III long-range cargo aircraft.

SAC is based at the Hungarian Defence Forces (HDF) Pápa Air Base, Hungary.

The SAC Nations are the NATO members Hungary (program host nation), Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and the United States and NATO Partnership for Peace nations Finland and Sweden. Each participating nation owns a share of the available flight hours of the SAC C-17As to serve the needs of their national defence, NATO, EU or UN commitments and humanitarian relief efforts.

SAC consists of the 12-nation Heavy Airlift Wing (HAW) and the NATO Airlift Management Programme Office (NAM PO). The HAW is the operational unit and the NAM PO, an integral part of the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA), is the acquisition and sustainment authority of the SAC C-17A weapon system.

NAM PO contracts Boeing via a Foreign Military Sales (FMS) agreement to provide technical support for the SAC C-17A aircraft.