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8/11/2014 12:00 AM
Heavy Airlift Wing to Perform Training Missions in Norway during week 33
8/11/2014 – PÁPA - - During the second week of August 2014 The Strategic Airlift Capability Heavy Airlift Wing will carry out a three-day training event in Norway. During the event a HAW C-17 aircraft will perform material and personnel airdrop and low-level navigation training missions from Gardermoen Air Station to the Rena area in southeastern Norway. The event is the second time that the HAW performs training in Rena.


Norwegian Armed Forces paratroopers exit a SAC C-17 aircraft during the August 2013 training event in Rena, Norway. Photo: Norwegian Armed Forces

The training event beginning on August 11 and ending on August 13 takes place in cooperation with Norwegian Armed Forces paratroopers. For the training the Heavy Airlift Wing will transfer one of its Boeing C-17 Globemaster III cargo jets to Gardermoen Air Station 35 kilometers northeast of Oslo.

During the event the HAW C-17 will perform material and personnel airdrop, low-level navigation and tactical airfield operations from Gardermoen to Rena area, approximately 150 kilometers northeast from Oslo and use Rena airfield as the landing zone for practicing short field landing and takeoff.

The low-level navigation flights will take place in an area situated approximately 25 kilometers north of Rena. All the flights of the training event will be carried out during daylight hours.

The August 2014 event is the second time the multinational Heavy Airlift Wing performs training flights in Rena area in the SAC member nation Norway. The first training event of this kind was organized a year earlier, in August 2013. The aim of the training is to exercise and expand the capabilities of the HAW in an environment that provides excellent opportunities to carry out airdrop, low-level navigation and short field landing training. It also offers the Norwegian paratroopers the possibility to gain experience in cooperating with the C-17.