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10/26/2015 1:30 AM
Construction of SAC Hangar Complex Progressing Rapidly
26 OCT 2015 – PÁPA - - In November 2013, the member nations of the Strategic Airlift Capability (SAC) approved the project plan to start work on a new hangar complex to be built at Pápa Air Base, Hungary. The construction work is proceeding in accordance with the work schedule, despite some technical challenges and minor changes initiated by the future users of the office buildings.


The time lapse video shows the huge progress that was made in between May and October 2015. Video: NSPA.


The new compound consists of a multi-functional C-17 hangar, maintenance and warehouse buildings as well as offices for the Heavy Airlift Wing, contractor Boeing and NSPA/NATO Airlift Management. The SAC member nations agreed to invest in ECO/Green solutions: sustainable water treatment, a heat pump system and dimmable LED lighting in the hangar bay. The site preparation for the new SAC hangar complex started in October 2014, and the construction of the buildings began in January 2015.

Pápa Air Base acts since 2008 as host for the multi-national SAC, which collectively owns and operates three Boeing C-17 Globemaster III cargo jets for national, NATO, UN and EU strategic transportation commitments. Besides the SAC member nations, the Host Nation has made significant investments in the base as well. Currently, a new air traffic control tower is being built and the construction of a new passenger terminal will start in 2016, allowing the base to develop into a Super Secondary Recipient Airfield.

Mr Zsolt Bencze, the NAM Head of Infrastructure Management, manages the SAC Infrastructure Development Project. According to him, "managing the design changes which were required as the outcome of the final review of the office space allocation plan generated additional workload for the project team". "By re-prioritizing project items we were able not to further delay other important project milestones and the project is still on time and within the allocated budget", Mr Bencze emphasizes.

Another important milestone was achieved with the completion of the installation of the steel superstructure of the hangar building. The check of the quality of the steel structure manufacturing process was really satisfactory. Now work will start to cover the roof and walls of the hangar. According to the project time line the new offices will be ready by May 2016 and the hangar in October 2016.


Hangar construction 3NOV.JPG 

The steel superstructure of the hangar building has already been completed. Photo: HAW / OF-1 Tuomas Saavalainen


Text: NAM PO / Jeroen Groenevelt